Lightroom Updates!

Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic?

Lightroom Classic CC? Is that like Classic Coke?
Adobe released TWO new versions of Photoshop Lightroom today. Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. Which do you need?

The one you want to update is now called “Lightroom Classic CC.”
No, I don’t like the nomenclature, either. This is the DESKTOP version of Lightroom that you’ve been using all along, and this is the update you want to make sure you get via the Adobe Creative Cloud Installer module. Think of this product as “Lightroom Standard” or “Lightroom Desktop” or “Lightroom Stand-alone.” It’s the one you’ll keep using for most of your day to day image cataloging and editing. The update includes performance enhancements, new camera support (Nikon D850, for one), and a few cool new tools that I’ll have more on soon. When you first launch it, you’ll be asked to upgrade your previous LR catalog (.lrcat) file. Your old catalog will not be deleted.
The *other* product is now simply called Lightroom CC.
It is a SEPARATE product designed to offer LR mobile users a way to store and edit images in the Adobe Cloud Server. I will have more on this later, but you don’t need to worry about it right now if you’re simply using the regular desktop version of Lightroom (probably most of us). This product allows you to work with online cloud collections (LR Mobile) directly from a desktop interface, without some of the deeper features that Lightroom Classic CC has, such as the Map Module, etc.
Despite a name that makes Lightroom Classic sound like a legacy product, it is not. Both it and Lightroom CC will be developed in parallel. There will be no stand-alone “boxed” license version of Lightroom Classic. To get it, you’ll need to subscribe to the Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom package, which includes both versions of LR plus the complete desktop version of Adobe Photoshop CC.

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