Introducing the (BIF) BullsEye™

Arca-Swiss Shoulder Stock for Action/Outdoor Photography

The (BIF) BullsEye is an Arca-Swiss compatible shoulder stock for action photography

I’m pleased to announce that a project I’ve been working on since last year has gone live. After attending one of my field workshops, one of my clients approached me with a design concept to fully modernize the camera shoulder stock for autofocus DSLR photography using today’s telephoto lenses. Thus was born the (BIF) BullsEye™. For the last 18 months, we’ve been building and testing prototypes and now we are ready to bring you this exciting camera accessory: an Arca-Swiss compatible shoulder stock that can hold and stabilize modern telephoto lenses for hand-held and monopod shooting.

The concept of a shoulder stock to stabilize your camera isn’t new. The idea is that you’ll get steadier and smoother tracking when you’re able to brace the camera with your shoulder. The (BIF) BullsEye takes this idea and modernizes it:

  • Aircraft aluminum construction capable of securing most telephoto lenses, even big ones like the 500 f/4.
  • Arca-Swiss style clamp with adjustable rail position
  • Adjustable and removable handle
  • Articulating stock angle for custom fitting
  • Left-right shoulder compatibility
  • Pivot joint at shoulder to allow easy overhead tracking and full support
  • Compatible with monopods and tripods using an Arca-Swiss clamp
The unique design of the (BIF) BullsEye is fully adjustable for comfort in the field.

We are offering the (BIF) BullsEye at a reduced price to backers of our Kickstarter Project. By backing this project, you’ll help us fund the initial production run and get this product out to photography enthusiasts world-wide!

For complete product details, or to support our project, please visit the (BIF) BullsEye Project at Kickstarter. As a reward, early backers can receive a (BIF) BullsEye from the first production run at a reduced price. Our funding deadline is October 16th, so please take a moment to check us out!


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