2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Photography Enthusiasts

Happy Holidays!

christmas-18106_640It’s shopping time, and if you are looking for gifts for the photographer you know (or for yourself), here are some nice budget-conscious items you can check out for your photographer friends and family.  And of course, don’t forget my printable PDF eBooks and video training courses!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Memory Cards

You can never get enough memory cards, and you can use older ones as back-ups. Newer cards are not only higher capacity, but they are probably faster, too.

USB 3.0 Card Readers

If you have a newer computer with USB 3.0 ports, upgrade your card reader to maximize image transfer speeds.

Sensor Cleaning Supplies

We all get dust spots. Start with a blower bulb, and if that doesn’t work, move up to a soft brush (I use a soft artist’s brush) or wet-swab kit with Eclipse solution.

Portable Hard Drives

If you’re on the road with your camera, the best workflow is to keep your images on an external hard drive, especially if you transfer them to a different computer when you get home. Upgrade to a faster (USB 3 or Thunderbolt) or larger (2TB) drive for better road performance.


These fun lenses are sure to spark your creativity and pack small so you can take them anywhere.

Other Accessories

Did I leave anything out? Leave a comment with your favorite holiday gift idea.

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