Progress update: New eBook coming soon!

Stretching Time eBook Cover
Look for my newest eBook guide to long exposure photography, coming September 2015!

If I’ve seemed quiet lately, it’s because I’ve been making steady progress on my latest eBook. Stretching Time: Mastering the Art of Long Exposure Photography will be released by the end of September, and is a complete guide to the art and artistry of long exposure photography. This book covers exposure, composition, field techniques, and post-processing. It’s an end to-end guide for enthusiasts interested in capturing long exposure images.

I’ve been busy adding in all kinds of tidbits based on customer feedback from classes and workshops. I wanted to make sure I incorporated the kinds of details people are interested in, like creating cloud stacks in Photoshop and noise reduction settings.

Today I got my ISBN assignment and finished the cover artwork!

Look for Stretching Time: Mastering the Art of Long Exposure Photography soon at Luminescence of Nature Press

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