Creating impact with a long exposure

A 54 second exposure transformed this scene from "nice" to "dynamic."
A 54 second exposure transformed this scene from “nice” to “dynamic.”

Of all the photographic techniques I’ve learned over the years, I have really come to enjoy creating long exposure images. A long exposure image can create a scene that is both based in reality and yet appears completely surreal, as time stretches across the frame.

Join me online Saturday, September 12th for an in-depth look at how I capture and process long exposure images. I’ll be covering a wide range of techniques and styles that I use in my photography.

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2 thoughts on “Creating impact with a long exposure”

  1. Hi Mike! Thanks for joining the Meetup group. I don’t have a commercial version of the webinar available just yet. I’ve been working on some related projects that you may find interesting, though!

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