That moment it hits you

"The moment it hits you" Sunrise over Badlands National Park, South Dakota.
“The moment it hits you”
Sunrise over Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

I’ve been re-working some of my HDR shots using Lightroom CC because it really does a great job of keeping things natural. Here’s a shot from my Badlands trip in 2012 that I reworked.

I first used the HDR Merge feature in Lightroom CC, which produced an HDR RAW image (DNG). I was able to do a lot of adjustments in LR CC on that image, which I then sent to Photoshop CC, where I applied Color Efex Pro 4 and cleaned up some dust. I then returned the image to LR for the final tweaks and sharpening. The whole process took less than ten minutes.

Get my complete Lightroom HDR tutorial video here!

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