Complete Guide to Lightroom Workflow & Image Processing

Moving to Lightroom: Image processing and workflow is mandatory reading for anyone wanting to learn how to manage and process their images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Moving to Lightroom: Image processing and workflow is mandatory reading for anyone wanting to learn how to manage and process their images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

I’m pleased to announce the release of Moving to Lightroom: Image processing and workflow. While this book will be useful for any Lightroom user, I cover all the things I wish I had known before I migrated to Lightroom. This guide represents a view of Lightroom from someone who was starting out with thousands of previously edited images, and had to learn how to re-process them. I’ve taken my lessons learned and written a complete guide to image management and processing with Lightroom.

I’ve spent the last several years learning how to leverage Lightroom’s underlying database for managing my images, and how it beats a traditional browser/editor workflow system. I also learned a completely new set of image adjustment tools and a whole new image adjustment paradigm. I’m happy to say that I use Lightroom to adjust all my raw image files and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m happy to share my knowledge of Lightroom’s tools with you in this new guide.

So if you’re new to Lightroom, or getting ready to migrate over from another workflow application, check out Moving to Lightroom. It’s sure to lower your learning curve and get you up and running quickly!

9 thoughts on “Complete Guide to Lightroom Workflow & Image Processing”

  1. This is a very good guide and very useful if you are unsure what to do after Capture NX2.

    Lightroom is really a lot better than I expected and after a few days with Lightroom and this guide I was able to create a usable workflow and edit my images from my Nikon D810 quite easily.

  2. Hi Jason,

    Can I use this complete workflow instead of Capture NX2 for my Nikon D810. I am in a limbo trying to finalize my workflow with no NX2 support from Nikon for the D810.


  3. Jason

    I’ve been using Capture NX2 and/or View NX for a few years and am now considering the move to Lightroom as well. I am about to purchase your guide as no doubt it will be of equal quality to your “Photographer’s Guide to Capture NX2”.

    I’ve checked out the Table of Contents and also viewed your FAQ video and didn’t see an answer to one question I have, which has been discussed ad nauseam on the Internet:

    What is your opinion on the conversion of .nef files to DNG on import and, secondly, how do you handle this aspect – to convert or not convert; and if you do convert, do you still maintain the original .nef?


  4. I do not use DNG as a general practice. However, the DNG format is useful for people who need to encapsulate their edits/adjustments into a RAW file to share with others using Adobe products (ACR/LR). I do cover this topic in the book.

  5. With the recent release of Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC, wondering if those products have enough changes from v5 that those of us just starting to move would not find this book useful or if it’s still a good resource for getting started? Do you plan to update or supplement this book?

  6. Hi Ron,
    I’m working on an update to my Lightroom guide. However, LR 5 and LR CC are virtually identical in terms of the image workflow and processing tools. LR CC adds panoramas, HDR, and a few other minor tweaks.

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