Just added: Introduction to Lightroom online class April 26th

I’m happy to offer Moving to Lightroom: A Primer for Capture NX2 Users as an online training course on Saturday, April 26th from 9am-1pm Mountain Daylight Time. If you’re contemplating making the move to Lightroom, or are just getting started with it, this class is designed to make your transition from Capture NX2 easier.

Course Outline

  • The Lightroom Environment and how it differs from CNX2
  • Preparing your Nikon NEF files for import into Lightroom
  • What to do with NEFs that you’ve edited in Capture NX2
  • Basics of the Library module for file management
  • Fundamentals of the Develop module for RAW processing, including local adjustments and sharpening tools
  • How to process your NEFs to match Nikon’s Picture Controls
  • How to send images to external editors like Photoshop
  • How to share images edited in Lightroom

All participants will receive a printable PDF copy of the course presentation notes.

Register here
(limited to 25 participants)

5 thoughts on “Just added: Introduction to Lightroom online class April 26th”

  1. I’d urge you to make the April 26th session available in a format that could be dl’d and viewed more than once – something similar to what you did with your series on CNX2. For a fee, of course.
    I find LR difficult – extremely so – it just doesn’t ‘think’ like I do – and one time through, no matter how clear, just isn’t going to make LR accessible for me.

  2. Did you record the session? I’m interested in your workflow LR5 – nefs, do you have any plans to write an ebook.about this subject? – Peter –

  3. Hallo Jason,
    With the latest news about Capture NX2 being discontinued in the near future, I’m starting to switch over to Lightroom (just to be prepared).
    I missed out on your “online training course”.
    So I have two simple questions:
    1. Will you run the tutorial again in the near future (and can you let me know when),
    2. Can you make a video of the online tutorial?
    All the best wishes and hope to her from you soon
    Jan Buitenhuis

  4. Hi Jan-
    I do plan on offering the course again when I return from my workshop season. I’m also putting together a comprehensive eBook on the topic.


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