The Sensor Plane Photography Podcast: Episode #3

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Sensor Plane photography podcast! Today, I’m talking tripods, heads, and why you need one. More importantly, I discuss the salient features to look for when choosing a tripod and head.

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Audio only (mp3 format) download here

My current tripod recommendations

Gitzo 2542L Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs
Holds just about anything except for large lenses like 300mm and up. This has a center column, which I removed and replaced with a Markins baseplate kit.

Gitzo 3-series 4-section tripod (long)
This tripod can hold a 600mm f/4 in a pinch. It’s perfect for just about anything, and doesn’t include a center column.

I use Really Right Stuff ball-heads and camera plates/brackets.

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