Nikon 1 firmware update adds continuous servo focus with FT-1

While I was on photo safari, Nikon quietly released a round of updates for the Nikon 1 bodies and FT-1 F-mount adapter. By upgrading both camera and FT-1 firmware, you can now use continuous servo focus (AF-C) with F-mount Nikkor lenses on your Nikon 1 body. You are still limited to the center AF-point with the FT-1, but this is a big improvement in usability. For example, put a 70-300mm AFS VR Nikkor on the FT-1 and you have an effective 189-810mm VR lens! Perfect for casual telephoto work where you want lots of reach!

Important Note: If you have the Nikon 1 V2, make sure you update its firmware to version 1.10A/B before you attempt to update the FT-1 firmware. Otherwise, the FT-1 will not be properly updated.

Nikon 1 Firmware Update Page (Nikon USA)

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3 thoughts on “Nikon 1 firmware update adds continuous servo focus with FT-1”

  1. Jason,

    I have a J2 that I’m very happy with as an amateur photographer, however, with an eye on the future of eventually upgrading to a DSLR at some point, I was wondering if you had an opinion on a good macro lens that would double as a potential portrait, and a zoom that would lend good reach with good quality glass, but not break the bank?
    I was thinking the 60mm f2.8G AF-S DX micro would be a food place to start?

    What do you think about this system and the AF-S 50mm f/1.4G?


  2. Although I don’t own the 60mm micro-Nikkor, I bet it would work wonderfully on the Nikon 1 bodies. Keep in mind that with F-mount Nikkors, you only have the use of the center AF point or you can use MF.

    Personally, I use the 105VR micro-Nikkor with my FX bodies. The 60mm micro is better suited for copy work rather than nature shots (you have to get really close to the subject with the 60mm).

  3. Hi Jason

    Have you tried the update? It seems to me that my V1 + FT1 allows continious shooting, but it does not refocus after every shot in Electronic High shutter. Can you tell me what is possible and what is not?


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