Photo of the Day: Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet Ibis

I’m back from a brief trip to the Caribbean nation of Trinidad, where I had the opportunity to photograph some of the amazing tropical birds and other wildlife. One of the main attractions is the Caroni Marsh, where thousands of scarlet ibis nest. Each evening, the ibis return to their roost after spending the day foraging in the marsh. Their spectacular color makes these birds unmistakeable. I hope to lead a nature photography workshop/safari there in the future.

Tech Specs

  • Nikon D4 with 600mm f/4 AFS G VRII lens and TC-14E teleconverter
  • 1/1600s @f/6.3, ISO 900 (auto)
  • Tripod with Wimberley head

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Scarlet Ibis”

  1. Wow.
    The picture is breathtaking.
    How large was the crop?
    How big a print could you make and still be happy with the resolution?
    Could you comment on the differences you would see had you used a D800?


  2. The shot is cropped to 4084 x 1919 pixels. I imagine it would make a perfectly good print 18″ wide, if not more.

    If I had used a D800, I would have captured fewer shots. I was shooting 10 fps bursts with the D4. This one was at ISO 900, which is very clean with the D4 (but would probably have been fine with the D800, too).

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