Putting the Nik Collection to Work

"Roll the Bones" Captured with a Nikon D4 and processed with the Nik Collection.
“Roll the Bones” Captured with a Nikon D4 and processed with the Nik Collection.

Here’s an image that exploits much of the Nik Collection of plug-ins. I started with a 5-shot bracketed exposure sequence that I processed in HDR Efex Pro 2. Then, I brought the image into Photoshop CS6 and applied local color & contrast tweaks using Viveza 2. Next, I ran the image through Color Efex Pro 4 to adjust global contrast and slightly modify the textures. I really like using the Nik plug-ins together as the effects really complement each other!

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3 thoughts on “Putting the Nik Collection to Work”

  1. so, what percent of time are you now using Capture NX 2?
    If you are using it, is it just for the basic
    are you converting Raw images using photoshop?

  2. Jason,
    I got the Google version of the Nik Collection, since I was able to get it for free.
    Can this version be used as stand-alones, following your instructions, or does this version only install and function if you have one of the stated programs?

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