There's a whole world out there, but I won't be venturing out into it anytime soon.
There’s a whole world out there, but I won’t be venturing out into it anytime soon.

Living here in Colorado, you eventually need to try that sport they call hurtling down a mountain at the mercy of gravity  snowboarding. I made the mistake of attempting a very classic, but manly maneuver, called “stopping.” The end result was a fractured humerus. Ouch. F = m*a. So while I’m putting myself back together for the next few weeks I don’t have a whole lot to photograph, and even if I did I’m not really able to lift my camera, anyway.

Nevertheless, I’m still looking for things to take pictures of and I’m using my iPhone and my Nikon 1 V2. It’s a little bit hard to use a camera when you don’t have a functioning right hand… For this image I used the infrared wireless remote with the Nikon 1 V2. The remote enabled me to hold the camera with my left hand while triggering it with my right hand. I processed the raw image in light room four and then layered some textures on it with Photoshop. And I did the whole thing with one hand tied behind my back… 🙂

Anyway, I might not won’t be putting up frequent blog posts over the next few weeks. Please bear with me as I recover, and I’ll keep doing my best to bring you as much information as I can.

Master Nik Software plug-ins with authoritative guides by Jason Odell

5 thoughts on “Convalescing”

  1. I hope you have a speedy, uneventful recovery. As tapping on a keyboard requires less athletic abilities than holding heavy cameras, I have a suggestion. Perhaps with your prodigious talents (snowboarding excluded), you could learn software programming, and write Nikon Capture NX3. You’d make a lot of people very happy.

  2. Sorry to hear that Jason. Hoping for a fast recovery. And… I highly recommend skiing as an alternative. 40 years of skiing and only one injury (ok, it was a torn ACL, but that was less than state-of-the-art bindings 25 years ago). Good luck!


  3. So sorry to hear about the broken bones. Rest up and heal fast. By the way. I am loving my Nikon V1 and your book was of help getting me up to speed on the camera. thanks for all you do.

  4. Here’s a project to keep you busy while you’re recuperating:

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