Hot Tip: Using Multiple Texture Layers

“On Track” ©2012 Jason P. Odell

You can really have fun creating artistic images by using textures. But did you know that you can take things further by combining texture layers? In this image, I used three texture layers with different blending modes in Photoshop to create the final product.

My starting point was an image I captured as an HDR image and then added creative textures via Photoshop. The original image was shot in mid-day light and I captured a ±2EV bracketed sequence with my Nikon D4 DSLR. I used a tripod to make sure I’d get optimal image alignment when I merged the images into HDR Efex Pro 2.0.

The starting image was a ±2EV HDR capture tone-mapped in HDR Efex Pro 2.0

After I created the HDR tone-mapped image, I modified the contrast and color using a few filters in Color Efex Pro 4. In this case, I used Pro Contrast and Tonal Contrast to get the look that I wanted.

Once I brought the HDR image into Photoshop CS6, I tweaked the contrast and color a bit with Color Efex Pro 4.

Next, I imported a texture image from Flypaper Textures into a new layer. I added a layer mask and brushed out areas where I wanted the subject to show through. Although this was nice, I still wanted to have a textured feel over the subject, so I duplicated my texture layer.

I applied a Flypaper Texture “Bucolio” from the August Painterly Pack and used layer masks to reveal the subject.

In the duplicate layer, I deleted the layer mask and then changed the blending mode to “Hard Light.” I then reduced the layer opacity visually to get the look I liked.

I made a duplicate layer of the texture and removed the layer mask. I changed the layer blending mode to “Hard Light.”

Lastly, I added another Flypaper texture, one of the “Fly Edges” pack. I put this image into the topmost layer and set the blending mode to “Multiply.” This created the antique burned-edges look.

I added the layer “Fly Edges 7” from Flypaper’s Fly Edges Pack and set the blending mode to “Multiply.”

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