Photo of the Day: Rocky Mountain Sunset

Last light over Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

During my photo safari last year to Rocky Mountain National Park, we had one of those scenes where you just aren’t sure what to do. The clouds were rolling in, and the light turned flat and gloomy. Yet we could see the light hitting Long’s Peak in the distance, and it looked really neat. I shot a bunch of images but none of them looked very inspiring. In fact, they were flat and boring, just like the light.

I decided I’d see if I could make any of these shots better by running them thorough Color Efex Pro 4.0, which has nice new color and contrast controls.

The original image pretty much sucked, but you can see the sunset kissing the peak:

I applied varying degrees of the following filters in CEP4:

  • Contrast Only (soft contrast slider)
  • Brilliance/Warmth
  • Detail Extractor
  • Tonal Contrast (sky only)
  • Glamour Glow (softened the clouds)
  • Dynamic Skin Softener (removed luminance noise from sky)

The end result is far more dynamic!

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