Creative Outdoor Photography Workshop & Safari

Join me in Colorado Springs June 17-21, 2012

I’m pleased to be leading a unique photo workshop in Colorado Springs, June 17-21, 2012. The objective of this workshop is to explore outdoor photography in ways that go beyond traditional landscape techniques. For many of us, photography is a hobby; something that we do when we can find the time. That means encountering situations where the light just isn’t quite right. As photographers, we learn to recognize “good light.” But what do we do when we encounter bad light? All too often, we’ll end up putting the camera away.

On the Creative Outdoor Photography workshop, we’ll look at ways to keep shooting, even when the light is less than perfect. We’ll explore HDR, monochrome, and texture blending techniques using the latest plug-ins from Nik Software. Our locations will include the iconic Garden of the Gods park and the lesser-known Cheyenne Canyon State Park. We’ll also do a photo walk in downtown Manitou Springs, and check out the antique mining equipment at a nearby outdoor museum.

Learn more about this workshop here.

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