End Piracy, Not Liberty!

End Piracy, Not Liberty!

I have this blog to share my thoughts, knowledge and opinions. Don’t let content like mine be subjected to the whims of corporate (or government) censorship. Defend the Web. Please sign this petition against two potentially catastrophic bills, SOPA and PIPA. Despite their catchy names and “good intentions” of stopping online piracy, these bills would give unprecedented, unilateral power for corporations or the government to “shoot first, ask questions later.”

Look, I’m totally against online piracy. In fact, I’ve had to write my share of cease and desist (DMCA) letters to various bit-torrent sites illegally sharing my eBooks and videos. But say I were to post a link in this blog that someone, somewhere, decided infringed on copyrighted material. Instead of getting a notification to remove the content, they could instead just shut my site down. Poof. And that’s what this is about. It’s not about protecting piracy. It’s about protecting liberty.

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