Color Efex Pro 3 for Capture NX 2.3 64-bit native version is out

Color Efex Pro 3.004 adds native 64-bit compatibility for Capture NX 2.3 users

I was alerted by a customer that Nik Software has quietly released a 64-bit native version of Color Efex Pro 3.0 for Capture NX 2.3. I’ve tested it, and everything seems to work fine.

Registered owners of CEP3 for Capture NX2 will need to log-in to the Nik Software site and download the new version, 3.004.

It’s nice to see that Nik has added 64-bit compatibility with this plug-in for Capture NX2 users.

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11 thoughts on “Color Efex Pro 3 for Capture NX 2.3 64-bit native version is out”

  1. This is really good news in my book Jason. I hope it points to a better relationship going forward between Nikon & Nik. I think I feel good enough about it, that I’m going to go out next week and get a new desktop for post. – thanks

  2. I agree with Gene that this is good news. Going to make it a point to thank Nik software, both the American office and HQ in Germany, for doing the right thing, updating CEP, and in record time.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, and this is indeed very good news. I was silently hoping for it … up to CEP 4 for NX, it just proves that NX is not dead yet.

  4. Hi Jason

    What I find interesting is that Color Efex 3 for NX2 is no longer available from NIK.
    You can only obtain hard copy from a reseller. You can only download the 64 bit upgrade if you already have CEP3
    Making some wild assumptions. this could mean that a future Nikon update /new version will include some Nik filters or Nik are working on CEF4 forNX2 .

  5. What it means, for now, is that CEP3 has been discontinued by Nik, but they are continuing to support existing users by updating it to 64-bit. What remains to be seen is whether or not CEP4 will make it into NX2. I hope it does, but I don’t know what decisions have or haven’t been made regarding its fate.

  6. I tried CEP 3.004 on my iMac with Lion and there is no improvement at all. When I run NX2 in 64 bit mode CEP doesn’t show, if I run NX2 in 34bit mode CEP doesn’t work. Just the same as 3.003 ?!

  7. Thank you Jason.

    I found this instructions on web. After uninstall CEP/restart/install CEP now on my mac nx2+CEP works fine 🙂 It may be useful for others.
    Regards, Izidor

    On Win
    – use the control panel to uninstall CEP 3 first, then NX2.
    – Restart the machine,
    – install NX2.3 first (probably no request 32 or 64),
    – then start NX2.3, check out for running smooth.
    – Now close again,
    – install CEP 3.004
    – and finally start NX2.3.

    On Mac: no need to un / re-install NX2 – just disable the 32 option in “more info” . Then run the installer package 3.004uninstall and then re-install after restart.

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