Just Released: Layers of Creativity video tutorial

I’m pleased to announce my newest training video, Layers of Creativity: Going Beyond Realism with Photoshop & Nik Plug-ins.

In this video tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to leverage Photoshop/Elements layers to create digital artistry, starting with the basics and moving up from there. I cover the fundamentals of layers and layer masks, and include demonstrations of Adjustment Layers and Smart Objects.

Example images are shown in crisp 960 x 540 resolution so you can clearly see all the on-screen menus as I edit each image. I work through several examples in this tutorial, including:

  • Exposure Blending (creates a natural “HDR” effect, perfect for landscapes and interior shots where you don’t want exaggerated contrast)
  • Hybrid HDR
  • Grunge Portrait using Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4 plug-in
  • Creating textures on color images using Silver Efex Pro 2
  • Using Plug-ins on Smart Object layers
  • Adding flypaper texture layers to images and exploring blending modes
  • Combination image: HDR/Color Efex Pro 4/Flypaper Texture using all the techniques together

Layers of Creativity is available exclusively as a direct download in QuickTime (.mov) format from Luminescence of Nature Press. The video is viewable on both PC and Macintosh computers using QuickTime Player (free download), and the video has chapter markers for easy indexing. Windows Media Player is not supported. For full details, visit the Layers of Creativity product page.

Explore digital artistry in my new educational video for Photoshop/Elements users
Learn how you can make hybrid HDR images that combine grunge with clean skies in my new training video

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