New eBook!

My newest eBook is available now!

I’m pleased to announce a brand-new eBook, Field Notes: A photographic journey, which is a collection images from my travels and the stories behind the shots.

With each image in Field Notes, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at where I was, what gear I used, and processing notes for each image. At the end of the book is an interactive “Location Notes” section that contains descriptions, maps, and links to all the locations mentioned in the book, and suggestions for the best equipment to use should you go there.

Field Notes is available as a direct download in Adobe PDF format. The file is compatible with Macs, PCs, and the iPad (you’ll need to transfer the file from your computer to the iPad with iTunes). If you have an e-Reader that supports PDFs, you can probably read it on that, too (but I can’t guarantee full functionality outside of the iPad).

Click here to download sample pages from Field Notes (PDF)

Order Field Notes from Luminescence of Nature Press

2 thoughts on “New eBook!”

  1. Jason,
    I just ordered the silver flex pro book and video’s. I downloaded the first video but it didn’t play on Real Player all I got was a black screen. I have the latest version of real player. As I was trying to get it to play I must have hit the wrong button and the screen with all the other downloads and book went away. I have no idea how to get it back.
    Please help.
    Peter Zurla

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