Concert-going with the Nikon P7000

Metallica through the eyes of a Coolpix P7000

Ah, how times have changed. I’ve been to many concerts, but usually cameras are prohibited items. Not this time, as I was able to bring my Nikon P7000 to a recent show in California. For the most part, I was impressed with what I got, and the manual functions on the P7000 really helped when things got dark.

I took advantage of the high ISO mode (ISO 1600) and used spot metering to avoid drastic overexposure– something that happens a LOT when a point and shoot camera sees a very dark stage and a spot-lit musician. I also liked being able to dial in -EV compensation to keep the background dark. At the end of the night, I got some memories that I could take with me.

One thought on “Concert-going with the Nikon P7000”

  1. Nice concert shots Jason. I really enjoy taking the P7000 out for more casual shooting. The new dials make it a pleasure to set and I find myself looking for the same settings when using the DSLR when I haven’t shifted my brain back to the DSLR user interface. Also of note is that Adobe now supplies the P7000’s own camera/lens profile in the Lightroom Develop module when you process .NRW files. A nice touch!

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