Think Tank Photo 20% off sale on Beltpacks

For a limited time, save 20% off Think Tank Belt Packs!

I’ve gotten word that my friends over at Think Tank Photo are having their first-ever sale. I really like TTP products; I have a closet full of them! Their beltpacks are among some of the best, especially if you have larger “pro-style” DSLRs.

Another great thing about all the TTP products is the attention to detail. Card wallets have leashes so you won’t drop them off a cliff or from a helicopter. All the bags include a protective rain cover, and the foam inserts are removable to allow custom configurations when space is more important than padding. You can also attach TTP modules (pouches) directly to the belt packs for extra capacity.

Check out the three packs currently on sale:

Speed Demon: Holds a DSLR, medium zoom lens and other accessories

Speed Freak: Holds a DSLR with lens attached and a 70-200mm lens next to it.

Speed Racer: Specifically designed to hold a “Pro” DSLR, like the Nikon D3s or Canon 1D Mark IV with a lens attached and a 70-200mm size lens.

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