Video Tip: HDR Efex Pro Zoom Tool

Here’s a quick tip on improving your on-screen previews in HDR Efex Pro. Once I figured this out, my images came out a LOT better because I wasn’t over-adjusting them.

Bonus: Download my new HDR Efex Pro preset “Hyper-realistic Interiors.” This preset gives a nice clean look that is very natural and crisp when used on indoor images.

Learn more about mastering HDR Efex Pro.

3 thoughts on “Video Tip: HDR Efex Pro Zoom Tool”

  1. Hi! Jason, I would like to know if this HDR Efex Pro can be used as Plugin in Capture NX2. I bought the CNX2 Ebook from your site but I never see any mention of this HDR Efex Pro.
    Best regards.

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