Photo of the Day: Miramont Castle Entryway

Entryway staircase at the Miramont Castle, Manitou Springs, CO. (Click to enlarge)

It’s sometimes easy to forget with all this writing that I’m supposed to be a photographer. So I got out of the studio today and went off in search of a good HDR subject. I found one; Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs, CO. This “castle” was built between 1895 and 1897, and is a true Victorian masterpiece in Colorado. If you go, bring your tripod and try to go on a weekday in the winter, when crowds are minimal. I was the only one there (except for the spirits, who are known to wander the halls). I didn’t find any spirits, but I did find a wonderful subject for HDR photography. All my images were shot in RAW, converted to TIFF in Capture NX 2, HDR tone-mapped in HDR Efex Pro, and then finished off in Capture NX 2. Enjoy.

Miramont Castle Gallery

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