New Release: Black & White with Capture NX 2

Learn Black & White with Capture NX 2

I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of my newest instructional guide, Black & White with Capture NX 2. This guide will teach you how to create stunning black and white images without having to leave Capture NX 2. The workflow advantage here is extreme– you get fully non-destructive black and white effects (something you can’t do with Silver Efex Pro for Lightroom or Aperture) applied directly into your NEF images.

Dramatic Recipes for Black & White in a Non-Destructive Workflow

My step by-step instructions will show you how to create the following effects without the need for any 3rd-party plug-ins.

  • Standard Black & White Recipe
  • Standard Portrait
  • Dramatic Portrait
  • Dramatic Landscape
  • Subtle Landscape
  • Infrared Film (two styles)
  • Antique Solarization
  • High-Key Bleached Color
  • Selective Black & White Techniques

Black & White Actions for Capture NX 2 and Color Efex Pro 3

When you purchase Black & White for Capture NX 2, the file download includes a set of 46 custom actions that work in Capture NX 2. These actions include all the effects described in the eBook; 31 for Capture NX 2 (stand-alone), and 15 more for Nik’s Color Efex Pro 3.0 for Capture NX 2. In addition to the recipe actions, you’ll also get color toning, vignette, and film grain effects.

You can download a free sample of the Black & White Action Pack (10 actions).

Black & White with Capture NX 2 is available at a 20% discount when you purchase it direct from Luminescence of Nature Press online.

11 thoughts on “New Release: Black & White with Capture NX 2”

  1. Jason,

    I cannot find the directory you list in your instructions for free sample pack.
    Can you verify the default directory for NX2?

    You have: c:\users\username\documents\Capture NX\Settings Files

    That subdirectory does not exist on my default install.


  2. Hi Andy-
    It appears as though Windows puts things in different places depending on what version of Windows you have.

    Try this:
    Go to “Manage Settings” in the preferences. Click “Add.” See what directory path it takes you to. That’s where your settings are stored by default. You can also choose to add them in using the “Add” command, but don’t move or delete the files once you do that.


  3. Thanks Jason. I moved them to another sub-directory and pointed the Managed Settings to it and all works well.


  4. Love your work Jason…your ebook is fantastic. I switched from film material and found myself floundering all over the show…your e book sharpened (no pun intended) me up very quickly. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Jason.
    I love your podcasts.
    I use capture nx2. You mentioned if you have CEP for nx2 then you
    don’t need a silver efex. I was wondering what does CEP do in black and white conversion?

  6. Dear Jason:

    Recently I bought a copy of your ebook Black & White with NX2. I have read it with great interest, it is a very nice book. Here I have a question on making the B/W conversion with B/W conversion filter of Color Efex Pro 3.0: The default conversion always resulted a too dark image. If you check the histogram, you will see that the shadow is always clipped too much, while there is a large blanck area in the high light end. In other words, the b/w image looks as if it is highly underexposed. I know that there is a way to fix it: just move the “Protect Shadows” slider to the right (often quite large amount is needed) to recover the shadow details (moving the Brightness slider to the right cannot recover shadow details, it simply makes the image brighter). This can be very boring if I need to do it for every b/w conversion. My question is: is this a common problem? Or did I do something wrong?


  7. Frank-
    The Settings Files I include with the eBook that use the CEP3 B&W conversion step take this into account and apply the necessary adjustments. I agree… for most images the default is too dark. The best thing to do is create a custom settings preset that is more usable rather than applying the defaults each time.

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