Nik Software releases 1.1 update to HDR Efex Pro

I just received word that Nik Software has released a major update to HDR Efex Pro.  I recommend this update for all users, especially users using Photoshop as the host application.

From Nik Software:

“This update was developed specifically to improve memory management, provide improved interaction with Adobe® Photoshop®, and resolve a number of issues our customers had experienced with the 1.0 version. We are currently working on another update that will provide 32-bit compatibility for Photoshop and expect this update to be available in the first quarter of 2011.”

5 thoughts on “Nik Software releases 1.1 update to HDR Efex Pro”

  1. Hi. Downloaded the new 1.1 version of HDR Efex Pro using your discount. Haven’t tried to use it on a series yet but it did open as a standalone. It installed to a default directory (Nik Software) and when I ran the exe it let me activate it and it appears to run just fine. I then downloaded your 14 presets and used the IMPORT button but they don’t show up on the list. Did I forget a step?

  2. Kurt-
    To import the presets, you’ll need to first make sure that you have an image open in HDR Efex Pro.
    The presets will appear under the “Custom” tab in the Preset Browser, under “Imported.”

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