Total Lunar Eclipse!

Total Lunar Eclipse, Dec. 21, 2010.

Here’s a shot I got of tonight’s total lunar eclipse. Someone cue the Pink Floyd.  The lunatic (me) was on the grass (my backyard).  Good thing I had a nice down parka.

Gear: Nikon D3s, 600mm f/4.0 AFS VR G Nikkor with TC-14E, 1/8s @f/8, ISO 8000.  Fun stuff!

More to come, but right now I’m going to call it a night.

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5 thoughts on “Total Lunar Eclipse!”

  1. We also were freezing ourselves to the frosty dead grass this morning. I wondered what was wrong with my setup, as I had not seen such a small moon before through the viewfinder. By the time I realized my TC-17 was not attached to the 70-200, but still inside in the bag, I was getting a bit frosty myself. Hardly any pink color here in Englewood, the best description I’ve heard so far was from Sid, up by the north gate of the Air Force Academy: “a bowl of vanilla pudding with strawberry glaze.”

  2. Great shots Jason, I like both the 5 shot composite and the wide panorama shot. One question I have concerns the jagged edges on the moon in the photos. Is this due to the resolution of the uploaded images ? Be great to see the detail of the full size images. great work though, we didn’t see much in Southern England.

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