Master the Art of Sharpening in Capture NX 2

I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of a brand-new video workshop from Luminescence of Nature Press™.  Sharpening Techniques for Capture NX 2 is a comprehensive instructional video in crystal-clear 720p HD that covers all of the major sharpening methods in Nikon’s Capture NX 2.  I’ve even made the QuickTime movie file easy to navigate, because I’ve added chapter markers to it.  The 1280 x 720 resolution of the video file means that you’ll have no trouble whatsoever seeing the menus and other screen items as I walk viewers through all the sharpening techniques in Capture NX 2.

In this training video, you’ll learn:

  • How sharpening works
  • USM Tool
  • High Pass/Overlay filter
  • Advanced control over sharpening with blending modes
  • Selective/Creative Sharpening Techniques with brushes/control points
  • Practical examples of landscape, portrait, and high-ISO sharpening in Capture NX 2
  • How to perform output sharpening for print and web destinations in Capture NX 2

To learn more about Sharpening Techniques for Capture NX 2, please visit Luminescence of Nature Press

4 thoughts on “Master the Art of Sharpening in Capture NX 2”

  1. Jason ~~~In the final chapter you give setting recommendations for sharpening for different situations. Capture sharpening for portrait etc and then output sharpening for various output. If adjustment presets were made for each application would those settings need to be tweaked for differing sensors? Say DX vs FX or different camera models?

  2. Dennis-
    You’d want to have different settings for different camera resolutions and printers, but the settings I describe are good starting points for most situations.

  3. Jason, I shoot in raw, with SD Picture Control, with sharpening at zero in camera. I know you advise to set the sharpening higher so you can review on the LCD camera screen, but my eye site isn’t up to it 😉 So I use the LCD screen just to check exposure.

    Up to now; I have used your ‘Capture Sharpening’ settings for my D300 and D700 (I just used the D3 setting), which I applied globally. (One size fits all approach). And up to now I have been very happy with the results. I apply different output sharpening routines depending on the output, print or screen, again following your advice from the NX2 ebook. Again, up to now, I have been very happy with the results.

    But now, after playing with your suggestions in the video, I realise I have been missed a trick or two. As a result; I am more than happy to offer a few words that you may, of course, use in your customer reviews. I thought I should post it here.

    “I have found Jason’s ebooks on Capture NX 1.3 and NX 2 to be invaluable. I found this new video on the complex and almost dark art of sharpening to be a ‘blinding flash of inspiration’. I immediately adopted a new workflow and I can see that my images are much improved. “

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