Capture NX 2.2.5 Released

Capture NX 2 has been updated to version 2.2.5

Nikon announced a service update to Capture NX 2 today, with the release of version 2.2.5.  While the main purpose of this update is to add support for D3100 NEFs, there are a few fixes and new features.

Most notably, the feature I welcome most is the addition of new lens distortion correction algorithms, including support for the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II and the 16-35mm f/4.0 AFS VR.  I’m not sure if the newly announced Nikkors, like the 24-120 f/4.0 VR, 85mm f/1.4 AFS, etc. are supported, as those lenses are not yet available.  Nevertheless, the addition of distortion correction for the 16-35mm is most welcome, indeed.  Also listed is official support for Mac OS 10.6.4. Whew.

There are a litany of Picture Control caveats with D3100 NEFs and NEFs created when using the Mode I, Mode II or Mode III Picture Controls as camera defaults.  The language was fairly unclear on Nikon’s page, but I don’t expect any issues for most users.

One note: if you have Nik Color Efex Pro 3 installed with Capture NX2, you’ll want to uninstall and then reinstall; otherwise the filter names in the drop-down menu will get corrupted. Reinstalling the CEP 3 filters corrects this issue.

(Update: this may only be an issue on the Mac OS version; I’ve heard user reports of no issues on Windows.  My advice is to install the update, check your CEP filters in the pull-down list, and see what happens before you uninstall anything).

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18 thoughts on “Capture NX 2.2.5 Released”

  1. Thanks for heads up Jason. Installed the upgrade this am and had I not read your blurb about Color Effect Pro uninstall and re-install I would have been quite confused.
    Thanks again.

  2. I did the installation without doing uninstall and its a real mess. I have to uninstall both Capture NX and NX2 et reinstall everything. Before doing all that, I uninstall Color Efex Pro. And guess what the problem is still there. Somehow when you uninstall is does not uninstall everything. Its typical Nikon software stuff. I use to be a user of Capture NX2 but after the snow Leopard upgrade it was pure hell and I not alone. I gave up and ordered Aperture 3

  3. From what I understood, regarding the changes made to the Picture control utility, updating to this version someone using a D40 (like me) will have less choices to set a basic color reproduction scheme by omitting the D2x modes from the drop down list. And these are generaly my starting point of choice…

    If that’s so, this update is of no interest to me, as I am one of the lucky ones to have a Capture NX2 install with little to no bugs and, that I’ve noticed, no gradation or brightnes issues with my NEFs.

    Oh, And I have the Nik suite installed!!

  4. Sérgio-
    I think the limitation you describe is only for D3100 NEFs using the Picture Control Utility; I haven’t seen this behavior on my D2X NEFs in Capture NX2 itself.
    I think the wording in the Nikon literature is more than a little confusing here.

  5. Jason,

    Thank you for trying to clarify this issue. My previous post is based on the following description featured on Nikon Update utility and on news feed over at “In the situations listed below the D2XMODE1, D2XMODE2 and D2XMODE3 picture controls (and custom Picture Controls created from these) are not displayed in the Picture Control pull-down menu.

    For RAW images captured with the D3100 or another Nikon digital-SLR camera that does not support Picture Controls.

    For NRW-format RAW images.

    When ‘Always use the latest Color Reproduction Process’ is selected in the Picture Control Utility preferences dialogue box.”

    But according to your experience this isn’t happening.

    As soon as my desktop is upgraded I’ll install the new version and give you my personal experience with this update. For the current version installed in my laptop I’ll refrain from updating it.

  6. I also welcome the lens distortion correction.

    I did not know of the CEP3 issue. I already did the update but I have not used CEP3 filters. Can I uninstall CEP3 and then reinstall? Or do I need to go back from scratch and uninstall NX2? Thanks

  7. Patrick ~~~~ I installed the update. Then uninstalled CEP3 and reinstalled. Closed NX2 and restarted and all is well. I did not have to uninstall the update. HTH

  8. Just as I thought. Using tha latest Capture NX version, kills the DX modes availability when shooting with something like a d40.

  9. Hi,
    maybe a stupid question:
    How do you uninstall Colof Efex Pro?

    (I have the problem, but cannot find out how to
    uninstall Color Efex Pro.)

  10. Jason, since there doesn’t appear to be any chance of NX3 being announced at Photokina 2010 do you still hold out hope that NIK hasn’t abandoned us or should we just jump on the Adobe bandwagon?

  11. NIK is too busy with a new toy, HDR-plugin… 🙂
    All the NIK plugins are still 32-bit (except Viveza2). And also still no NX3! People should think twice to buy ever stuff again from this company (at least not me). Adobe workflow, just great!!!


  12. Tim-
    I think your criticism of NIK is unwarranted.
    1) Capture NX is a shared venture between Nikon and Nik Software. There are things Nik can do and things they cannot.
    2) Adobe is not the answer for everyone. I, for one, don’t like to be “locked in” to a particular workflow/RAW editor. But that’s exactly what Adobe (and Apple) want for you as a photographer–it’s how they get your money. There is nothing wrong with this approach, of course, but I prefer to keep my NEFs in NEF format and have options for editing either with Adobe’s tools or others.
    3) The NIK plug-ins for Photoshop will be in 64-bit soon; patience.


  13. Jason-
    I agree with your point #2, all workflows have its own pros and coins and as you say, everyone should make his/her own decision about using which software. I’m just sometimes so frustrated about the ‘NIK speed’ 🙂
    Do you remember how long we had to wait for the NX2 update (2.2.4) matching Snow Leopard? Six (6) months!!. I don’t care that much what you mention #1, that is a company problem, not mine. I’m am paying customer and I think I have to wait much too long for updates!


  14. BTW about #3; Nik is telling us that story for about more than one year now!
    I’ve to admit, very good software but….. well you know 🙂

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