New eBook Released!

The Photographer's Guide to Digital Landscapes

I’m pleased to announce the release of my newest eBook, The Photographer’s Guide to Digital Landscapes.  I wrote this book to provide photographers with a modern-day assessment of the fundamental techniques for capturing fabulous landscape images.  Of course, some of these techniques apply to everyday photography, too.  I’ve got a lot of books on landscape photography, and they are all very good.  But many of the “classics” don’t have anything to say about modern DSLR photography– even the books that say “updated for digital.”

So, I present to you, The Photographer’s Guide to Digital Landscapes.  A three-part book that covers:

  • Equipment
  • Field techniques
  • Digital post-processing

Thanks for looking!


7 thoughts on “New eBook Released!”

  1. Jason, I’m very interested in your e-book but have a few questions about it. First – Does it include any “mini-videos” like your Silver Efex Pro e-book? Also – What specific post-processing apps do you refer to in your Post-Processing sections? Anything with Capture NX2 and/or Nik Filters?


  2. Bert-
    This book offers descriptions and examples of post-processing techniques using Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW, and Capture NX2. Most of the techniques are described as such to be applied to different programs equally. In the interest of file size and compatibility, I do not currently have any video content in this book.


  3. Jason,

    The new book sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for. Are discounts available to Nikonians members?



  4. Sir, loved your Silver Efex Pro book and just ordered this one. Can’t wait to lay hands it. (does that work for an e-Book?)


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