Upgraded to Snow Leopard 10.6.3… time to recalibrate

This morning, a slew of automatic software updates were waiting for me on my Mac Pro desktop.  These updates included new versions of iTunes (iPad compatible), iPhoto, and an incremental update to the Snow Leopard OS, version 10.6.3.

For whatever strange reason, it seems that whenever I get MacOS updates, my monitor calibration settings get hosed.  My saved profiles no longer seem accurate, as evidenced by the weird green cast I noticed on my displays.

I use the DataColor Spyder Elite to calibrate my display.  I did a quick check of the DataColor website and found that the driver software had been updated, so I downloaded it and a few minutes later I ran my calibration routine on both my Apple displays.  Now everything is back to normal.

Now, I realize that not everyone is running Snow Leopard, or even using a Mac, but the moral of the story is to periodically re-calibrate your display, even if you don’t see an obvious problem.  If you aren’t using a hardware display calibration tool, I strongly recommend you get one.  Subtle variation in color and brightness can be impossibly difficult to detect by eye, as our brains are really good at tricking us into thinking things appear “normal” when in fact, they are not.  So consider this your reminder, no matter what OS you run.  Time to recalibrate!

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