Capture NX 2.2 Review

Yesterday, Nikon released an update to Capture NX2– version 2.2. I installed this version on my computer and checked out its new features, as well as Nikon’s claims for speed improvement.

Let’s start with what’s new.

New Features in Capture NX 2.2

  • NRW support for Coolpix P6000 RAW files
  • Automatic lens distortion correction
  • Axial CA removal tool
  • Speed improvements up to 50% (Nikon’s claim)

NRW File Support
Starting at the top, NRW support is a welcome addition to Capture NX, as it allows Coolpix P6000 users another RAW conversion option.

2 thoughts on “Capture NX 2.2 Review”

  1. In your review re. Automatic distortion correction, you state “You can only use this control on RAW images– it won’t appear if you open a JPEG image … In my tests, this control is enabled for both Nikkor and non-Nikkor lenses”. On my computer, it doesn’t show up for NEFs, regardless of lens type, but does appear for “some” jpgs. I’ve been trying different images in different formats, and I can’t figure out when the feature will be available and when it won’t .. it’s so confusing, it makes the feature worthless??? I don’t like the regular Distortion Control adjustment anyway so maybe I’m not missing much. If you’d like to see a jpg that ‘activates’ the Auto Control, or a NEF that doesn’t, let me know .. I’d be curious to see if you have the same results .. ?

  2. I am working on figuring out which 3rd-party lenses are not supported. It looks a little more complicated than just lens issues. For example, D100 NEFs do not apparently support this feature, even with D or G-type Nikkors.
    When I know more, I’ll post here.

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