Mile High Photo Workshop!

Discover Denver Sept. 29-Oct. 2

Explore Denver with Jason Odell & Rick Walker Sept. 29-Oct. 2

Discover the Mile High City while developing your travel photography skills with the Image Doctors (Rick Walker and Jason Odell). Rick and Jason will help you build a portfolio of images from the local area that spans architecture, people, food and art. In the process, you’ll learn skills that will serve you well on all your subsequent trips (and at home). You’ll have fun and will start thinking a bit like a National Geographic photographer!

Experience Level: Open to all levels

Please note that you are expected to have a fundamental understanding of how to set exposure and focus on your camera. You will also need to know how to download and edit images with your computer or tablet.

Topics Include

  • Photographing architecture and urban scenes
  • Twilight and “blue hour” photography
  • Creative techniques for composition and style
  • Food photography
  • iPhone photography
  • Travel computer workflow

The Image Doctors #145

iPhone Photography Secrets

This week, we’re discussing some of the (somewhat) hidden features in the iPhone camera app, including portrait mode and the new RAW capture feature available in the iPhone 12/13 Pro models. We’ve found ourselves re-thinking our photo workflow for iPhone photos in ways that we didn’t think possible!

New Nikon Z30 & 400mm f/4.5 Z Nikkor

Earlier this week, Nikon announced the Z30, a new APS-C format mirrorless camera geared towards vloggers and content creators. Nikon also announced a new 400mm f/4.5 telephoto prime for Z-mount cameras.

The Image Doctors #144

When to “go big”

Previously, we talked about the “going small” approach to photography. This week, we discuss the pros and cons of “going big.” Do you really need a large camera system? Is your smartphone camera enough?

The Image Doctors #143

Traveling through Portugal & Major Lightroom Updates!

We’re back this week after Rick returned from a vacation trip to Portugal. Many times, our travels don’t always line up for “pure photography” so Rick will discuss how he used his OM System OM-1 and his iPad Pro to work on his photos while traveling.

Earlier this week, we saw updates to the Nik Collection by DXO (paid upgrade) as well as Lightroom/Photoshop. Lightroom’s masking tools got a HUGE boost to functionality by adding a true “Invert Mask” function. We both think it’s a great update, and recommend our Lightroom users update their software to the latest version.

The Image Doctors #142

Nikon 800mm f/6.3 PF lens review

This week, we’re joined by our good friend and colleague, Eric Bowles. Eric is the Director of the Nikonians Academy, and he recently purchased the Nikon 800mm f/6.3 PF lens for Z-mount. We sit down to discuss his initial thoughts on this super-telephoto lens, and how he’s been using it in his own photography.

Example Images (© Eric Bowles)

South Dakota – Custer State Park
Packing the 800mm f/6.3 PF lens in a Think Tank backpack