The Image Doctors #228

Our Workflow for High ISO Images

Newer digital cameras do an excellent job with handling noise at higher ISOs, but they are not noise-free. When you shoot action like sports or wildlife, especially if you’re not using fast (read: expensive) lenses, you can easily find yourself shooting well over ISO 6400. The good news is that modern AI-based software tools for noise reduction can handle these shots and deliver results that look like you were shooting at low ISOs!

This week, we’ll share our fundamental workflow for high-ISO photos, and we’ll be doing a demonstration for our show sponsors in an upcoming bonus video.

POTD: Oh, baby!

This great egret chick isn’t ready to leave the nest, but it was curious about all the photographers surrounding it at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach, FL. I just got back from my Florida Birding Workshop, where we spent four days working to get the best possible camera and processing settings for bird photography. I still have openings to join me in the field this summer and fall!

The Image Doctors #227

Photographing the Solar Eclipse

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably saw LOTS of photos of the North American solar eclipse. We have some thoughts on it, plus Rick got to try out the Nikon Zf mirrorless camera, and offers his thoughts on the retro-styled Nikon.

The Image Doctors #226

Get creative with alternative crops

This week, we chat about using alternative aspect ratios as a creative tool. You might be able to choose crop ratios in your camera, or you can crop your images later in post. Different camera models handle in-camera cropping differently, so you’ll want to check to see if raw files are cropped, or if the original file dimensions are preserved.

We also talk briefly about trends in Arca-Swiss compatible plates and brackets from Chinese brands that can save you a lot of money, but are they well-made?

Ultimate Infrared with Lightroom

Skip Photoshop and Process Your Raw Digital Infrared Images Directly in Adobe Lightroom

With my custom profiles (included in this class), you’ll be able to perform channel-swapping on raw infrared photos without using Photoshop!

What if I told you that the limitations of Adobe Lightroom for processing digital infrared images could be completely removed, allowing you to make all of your creative adjustments to infrared raw files without having to resort to OEM software and Photoshop?

Well, over the last two years, I’ve developed a set of custom profiles and presets that allow me to do just that. I’m now able to process infrared images from my full-spectrum camera directly in Lightroom. Whether it’s the muted look from 720nm infrared, or the bold colors of a channel-swapped 590nm filter, I can do it all without going to Photoshop.

Join me on Zoom Thursday, April 11th 6-8pm US Eastern Time where I’ll be teaching this approach to processing infrared photos

Topics Include

  • Fundamental processing workflow for editing infrared raw photos in ACR/Lr
  • How to set proper white balance in Lightroom with a custom camera profile
  • Performing channel-swapping on color IR images directly in Lightroom (blue sky effect)
  • Creating 1-click presets for all types of infrared photos
  • 720nm infrared looks
  • 665 and 590nm color infrared processing
  • Monochrome conversion from color infrared photos
  • Creating glow effects in Lightroom
  • Using Masking tools to enhance infrared photos
  • Fixing problems like banding, hotspots, and vignetting

Bonus content included with this class

  • Preset for creating infrared DCP camera profiles using Adobe’s DNG Profile Editor software
  • My special channel-swapping profile for ACR/Lightroom to use with infrared photos
  • My ACR/Lr presets for enhancing infrared photos

Optional: I’ll create a custom set of ACR/Lightroom profiles for your infrared camera

If creating profiles and presets sounds like something you’d rather not attempt, you can choose the option to let me build you a custom set of infrared profiles and presets for your camera (one wavelength). You can then install them directly and use them right away without any trial and error.

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