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The Image Doctors #22

Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

It’s holiday shopping time again, and we thought we’d bring you some great (and inexpensive) holiday gift ideas for the photographer in your life. You can browse our list of holiday gifts here.

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The Image Doctors #21

Affordable camera systems

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

We love high-end gear as much as anyone, but sometimes you want a budget option. Whether it’s for a family member as a gift, or even a backup camera, we take a look at some great deals on camera systems that are (mostly) under $1000 US and include one or more lenses.

Our Recommended Camera Kits for under $1000

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The Image Doctors #20

Current trends in photography

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

This week, Jason & Rick sit down to discuss the current state of the photo industry and trends in photography.

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The Image Doctors #19

Dealing with the elements

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

Outdoor photography presents its own set of challenges. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, rain or humidity, or just dealing with hotel power outlets, this week Jason and Rick share their tips for dealing with the elements.

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The Image Doctors #18

Creativity Through “Lo-Fi” Images

The Image Doctors Photography Podcast

Sometimes, you don’t need to execute technical perfection to create unique photos with impact. Today we explore ways in which you can use creative techniques that don’t require maximum resolution or perfect exposure. Thanks to listener Mark Finney for the topic suggestion!

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