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The Image Doctors #122

Interview with Jessica Odell: Thoughts on the Nikon Z50

It’s thanksgiving week here in the USA, and with the focus on family this week, what better way to celebrate than to bring some family on the podcast. Jason’s sister, Jessica, visits us today to share her experiences using her Nikon Z50, which she got at the end of 2019 right before the lockdowns hit. Now that restrictions have eased up, she’s been able to get out and do some of the travel photography she’d hoped to do in 2020.

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The Image Doctors #120

Self-Inflicted Creative Barriers, and How to Avoid Them

This week, Rick and Jason are discussing their recent photo trips. Rick traveled to Monument Valley, while Jason was leading a photo workshop in White Sands, New Mexico. In both cases, they discovered situations where their creativity could have been stifled by getting too “locked-in” to a particular shooting style.

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The Image Doctors #119

All-new masking tools in Lightroom Classic

Adobe recently updated Lightroom to version 11, and WOW were we impressed with the new masking tools. Adobe completely revamped the way masking works in Lightroom, including the addition of AI-based selections. This week, we’ll talk about what we have learned so far regarding making selections in Lightroom Classic 11.

Online Class with Jason Odell Nov. 13th

Join Jason online to learn the new Lightroom masking tools! This live online class will be recorded and all registered participants will get a video replay.

The Image Doctors #117

Nikon announced the Z9 flagship mirrorless camera, plus three new Z-mount lenses.

Special Edition: Nikon Z9 + New Lenses Announced

Rather than wait for the weekend, we decided to discuss the breaking news of the Nikon Z9 flagship mirrorless camera. And from reading the specs, we are both really impressed.

Nikon also announced three new Z-mount lenses!

You can check out and pre-order the Nikon Z9 and all these lenses here.

The Image Doctors #116

Perspective Correction Tools

If you’ve ever photographed buildings with a wide-angle lens, then you’ve probably seen how they can appear to “lean” in your photos. This week, we’ll discuss some of the tools you can use to perform perspective correction in your photos, both in-camera and in post-processing.