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The Image Doctors #110

AI Noise Reduction Software Review

This week, we look at three AI-based noise reduction tools and look at how they stack up against each other. We tested:

We found that although all three of these programs did a good job removing noise, there were some significant differences in workflow between the products. Listen to hear which of these tools came out on top, and why!

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Dealing with noise in digital photos

What, me worry?

Collared trogon (female), Trinidad, West Indies
Nikon D850 at ISO 6400

Do your high-iso images seem noisy? Chances are that it has nothing to do with your camera, and a lot to do with your image processing. Here are some tips for dealing with noise in your raw digital images.

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Does the D500 lose detail at high ISO?

After my Nikon D500 ISO post yesterday, seems as though people didn’t agree with my assessment that the Nikon D500 handles noise very well through ISO 6400. In particular, several people were pointing out that the D500 obliterates fine details at higher ISOs.

My findings: Not true, Unless you are shooting JPEGs with High-ISO NR enabled, that is. In that case, the in-camera NR is definitely smearing out details. Continue reading Does the D500 lose detail at high ISO?