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The Image Doctors #78

A little night shooting with Nikon Z cameras

This week, we took a short field trip to do some evening/night sky photography here in Colorado. It was a great refresher for both of us, as we had to make some pretty important changes to our camera settings for night photography. We also tested the new Nikon 20mm f/1.8S lens for night sky shooting.

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The night sky in Colorado, January 4, 2020 (Nikon Z7 with 20mm f/1.8S Nikkor lens)

The Image Doctors #55

Night Sky Photography

With comet Neowise still in the night sky, we decided to take a look at the techniques and equipment we use for night sky photography. Find out what kind of lenses work best, and how to set up your camera for stunning night sky photos of stars and the Milky Way.

Be sure to check out Jason’s Night Sky Photography Guide!

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POTD: Fisher Tower Nightscape

Night Sky Photography with the Nikon Z7

Fisher Towers at night
Fisher Towers under moonlight, Moab, UT
Nikon Z7 with 20mm f/1.8 AFS G Nikkor and FTZ adaptor, 20s f/2.0 ISO 3200

I recently got the Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera, and I decided to make a quick trip over to Utah to do a little test shooting. For this shot, I set up the camera on my tripod and used my Nikon 20mm f/1.8 AFS G lens via the Nikon FTZ mount adaptor. Much to my surprise, the Z7 was able to focus on the towers in near total darkness (the viewfinder image was completely black).

I must say that I was impressed with the overall image quality from the Z7 for night photography. I’ll be posting more about my experiences with this Nikon mirrorless camera over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back!

Get my complete guide to night sky photography here

Colorado Night Sky Class Now August 21

Night Sky Photography Class in Colorado, August 21st.
Night Sky Photography Class in Colorado, August 21st.

Due to inclement weather, I’ve rescheduled my Night Sky Photography class to Sunday, August 21st in Limon, Colorado.

I will be teaching techniques for night photography, including:

• Setting up your camera for night photography
• Locating and photographing the Milky Way
• Photographing stars
• Creating star trails
• Light painting techniques

I hope you can make it!


Night Sky Workshop in Moab August 28-31

Join me in Utah August 28-31st for a night sky photo workshop
Join me in Utah August 28-31st for a night sky photo workshop

Join me in Moab, UT for a 3-day night sky photography workshop! The rock formations and dark skies of eastern Utah are perfect for photographing star trails and the Milky Way. This is a small group experience (max: 6) and includes both field and classroom instruction. RSVP by July 29th to ensure your spot on this trip!

Sign up here: Night Sky Photography Workshop Moab

Interested in night photography? Check out The Night Sky Photography Handbook, a printable guide to creative night photography techniques.