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Gear Review: Mindshift FirstLight Photo Backpack

Photo Backpacks Designed for the Outdoors

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The MindShift Gear FirstLight photo backpacks are designed for hiking and outdoor use.
The MindShift Gear FirstLight photo backpacks are designed for hiking and outdoor use.

I recently received an evaluation copy of a new series of photo backpack from MindShift Gear. MindShift Gear is a sister company to ThinkTank Photo, whose bags I have been using for years.

The FirstLight series of backpacks come in three sizes: 20L, 30L, and 40L. The number indicates the bag capacity in liters. I was able to get a production copy of the FirstLight 40L to evaluate. Continue reading Gear Review: Mindshift FirstLight Photo Backpack

Review: Domke “Ledger” Shoulder Bag

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Most photographers have a dirty little secret: a closet full of camera bags. That’s because no single bag can meet every possible need for carrying your gear. Backpacks are great, but they can be awkward to work out of and don’t fit into tight spaces easily. Roller bags are perfect for airports and carrying lots of gear, but they are cumbersome to use for street photography. Shoulder bags are easy to work out of, but they can get really heavy if you pack a lot of gear. Belt packs are really nice, but you can’t carry everything in them as they quickly get overloaded.

I’ve used just about every style of bag, and most of the time I end up using some combination of backpacks and roller bags, depending on how I’m traveling and what I’m packing. The one style I don’t typically use is the shoulder bag; for me, I usually have too much stuff to comfortably carry one for extended periods of time. However, when Tiffen USA contacted me about testing one of the Next Generation Domke shoulder bags, I thought it might be a nice way to pack a mirrorless kit. Continue reading Review: Domke “Ledger” Shoulder Bag