The Image Doctors #82

Alternatives to traditional tripods

This week, we’re talking about camera support and stabilization accessories that go beyond the traditional tripod. Whether it’s a tabletop tripod, beanbag, or a DIY strap, we discuss how you can get creative with stabilizing your camera in the field, and which of these accessories we use the most. We’ve also started a segment on Lightroom tips; this week we’ll tell you about how to set Levels using the Lr Classic Curves Tool.

Mastering Lightroom for Bird Photography

Online Class with Jason Odell, Monday, Feb. 8th

Discover how to work with bird and wildlife images in Adobe Lightroom Classic with Jason P. Odell

I’m pleased to offer online training Monday, February 8th. Mastering Lightroom for Bird Photography is a comprehensive look at using Adobe Lightroom Classic for managing, keywording, and processing bird and wildlife photos.

When: Monday, Feb 8th, 2021 1-2:30pm US Mountain Time
(check the time in your area here)
All registered participants will receive a video replay link! Registration closes prior to the class start. You must be registered before the class starts in order to attend.

The Image Doctors #81

Sony Alpha A1; Creating a Photo Book

This week, we’ll discuss the big announcement from Sony for their new flagship Alpha A1 mirrorless camera, followed by a creative discussion about photo books. While photo books are easy to create, shooting images for a photo book can be very challenging, and that’s why it can be a great project to help you with your photography.

The Image Doctors #80

Is Aerial Drone Photography Right for You?

Should you get an aerial drone for photography? This week, Rick asks Jason about his experiences using aerial drones. Over the years, drone technology has grown as they continue to become more affordable. If you are interested in an aerial drone, we discuss some of the restrictions and limitations of their use, as well as proper drone safety measures.

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Mirrorless Camera Settings for Night Sky Photography

If you use a mirrorless camera, these settings will help you when shooting the night sky

Colorado night sky with the Pleiades cluster, captured with a Nikon Z7 mirrorless camera, January 4, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to photograph the night sky with my Image Doctors podcast co-host, Rick Walker. While we have both done plenty of night-sky shooting, we really wanted to get more experience using our Nikon Z cameras. We quickly learned that we needed to make some major settings adjustments in the camera to allow us to shoot at night effectively.

Based on our field experience, here are some tips for setting up your mirrorless camera for night sky shooting. For more details on setting exposure for night sky photos, download my Night Sky Photography Handbook.

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