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“The Image Doctors” Jason Odell & Rick Walker discuss photography in this weekly podcast. Topics include gear reviews, photography tips & tricks, and digital processing software.

The Image Doctors #164

Smartphone Camera Control Apps

Most camera manufacturers have developed smartphone Apps that allow you to tether your camera remotely. This week, we’ll look at the pros and cons of these tools, and why they can be a benefit to your photography that goes beyond just a simple cordless remote function.

The Image Doctors #163

The pros and cons of super-zoom lenses

This week, Jason is back from his workshop photographing White Sands National Park, and we’ll discuss using super-zoom lenses. Newer super-zooms, like the Tamron 28-200mm (Sony E-mount) Nikon’s 24-200mm (Z-mount), and the Canon 24-240mm (RF-mount) are quite good compared to their predecessors, but you still need to know their limitations, and how you can get the most out of your images captured with them.

The Image Doctors #162

Shooting with film in a digital world

Jason using his grandmother’s Olympus OM-4 in Taos, NM

What’s it like shooting film these days? Before their Santa Fe workshop, Rick and Jason dusted off their old manual focus film cameras and did some shooting in the Taos and Santa Fe areas. This week, they discuss the shooting experience along with the processing options available to modern-day film shooters.

The Image Doctors #161

New Cameras from Sony & Olympus; Nikon Z9 firmware update

This week, we’re back from our workshop in Santa Fe, and we’ll be discussing the release of some new cameras from Sony & OM System (Olympus), plus the newest firmware for the Nikon Z9.

The Image Doctors #160

Interview with Tony Sweet, Part 2: Photography Etiquette

In the second part of our interview with photographer Tony Sweet, we discuss photographic etiquette, especially at popular locations. Photographers bear a special responsibility to treat public locations with the utmost respect to preserve them for future photographers to enjoy.