Cross into the Blue

Blue hour in the Badlands of South Dakota.
Blue hour in the Badlands of South Dakota.

Landscape photography is all about timing. By timing, I don’t necessarily mean the second you trip the shutter, but instead the time of day in which you shoot. I captured this image in Badlands National Park while leading a photo safari there this year. The sun had already set, and we were hanging around as the “show” was considered over. However, in the 15-20 minutes after the sun sets, you can often get treated to some serious color. Not only does the sky become deep blue (hence the name, “blue hour’), but the lack of direct sun allows colors that would otherwise get blown out to shine through.

Image Specs

This is a 3-shot (±1EV) HDR image that I tone-mapped in HDR Efex Pro 2, followed by processing in Color Efex Pro 4 and Viveza 2. The final image was polished off in Lightroom (minor local adjustments and sharpening).

Fujifilm X-T1 with Fujinon 10-24mm f/4 OIS lens at 22mm, f/13; ISO 200.

Join me in the South Dakota Badlands for a 5-day photo safari in June 2015.

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