Think Tank Roller Sale

For a limited time, save $50 off the Think Tank Airport 4-Sight Roller bag.

Think Tank Photo has put their Airport 4-sight roller bag on sale for a limited time. Save $50 off the regular price of this excellent airline carry-on bag and get free shipping through December 31st, 2012 when you shop from this link.

Why the 4-wheels?

If you travel on aircraft a lot, you know that roller bags are great when cruising through the airport terminals. But once you board the plane, it’s awkward to roll a traditional roller bag down the narrow aisle. The 4-wheeler can spin, meaning it’s possible to turn it edgewise and roll it down the airplane aisle without bumping into every seat along the way.

Carries lots of gear and meets carry-on size restrictions

The Airport 4-Sight is able to hold two standard DSLR bodies with lenses attached and several other lenses and accessories. It also meets US and International carry-on size requirements.

The Airport 4-Sight carries plenty of gear for most landscape/travel photography.

Readers get a free bonus module from Think Tank and free FedEx Ground shipping on all orders through December 31, 2012 when you shop via this link.

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