Eastern Colorado Sunrise (D4 Images)

Sunrise, Calhan, CO. HDR Image processed in Nik's HDR Efex Pro (click to enlarge).

Well, I finally got outside to do some real shooting with the Nikon D4. Unfortunately, the eastern horizon was pretty cloudy, so Rick and I drove out to Calhan, CO to watch sunrise from the high plains. I used the new exposure bracketing settings on the D4 to grab some HDR images, and I also did some standard exposures.

For the HDRs, I processed them using my custom HDR Efex Pro presets, available with The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro. I also ran the images through Color Efex Pro 4 for some final touches.

Thanks for looking!

Abandoned shed, Calhan CO (single exposure)
Abandoned shed & Pikes Peak (HDR image)

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5 thoughts on “Eastern Colorado Sunrise (D4 Images)”

  1. Jason, on the bottom picture is the building really leaning to the left or is that wide angle distortion ?

  2. Very nice! I have been sitting on the sidelines watching as the first images start to role out from the 2 (3?) new bodies. I mainly shoot landscape and am trying to broaden into wildlife. The D4 is no slouch at landscape!

    PS: Maybe I’ll see you in FL one of these days!

  3. Jason – great images. I am looking at a family portrait shoot in the Calhan/Paint Mines area and the old buildings look like fantastic perspective pieces. Would you mind sharing where in Calhan those buildings are located?

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