New custom presets for HDR Efex Pro

It’s been nearly a year since I published The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro with my good friend, Tony Sweet. Since then, I’ve developed a few more presets that can come in handy for “natural” HDR settings.

The first new preset is called Interiors_Hyper-Realistic. It works great for indoor scenes that you really want to make “pop” but without the over-stylized look.

This image was created with the "Interior Hyper Realistic" preset (click to enlarge)
Image created with the "Interior Hyper Realistic" preset (click to enlarge).

I’ve also created two new “landscape” presets. Natural_Landscapes_02 and Natural_Landscapes_03. Both of these use modest compression and mild structure to give a realistic look. The “03” preset uses negative tone compression to make skies look less artificial.

The Natural Landscapes 02 preset is good for realistic scenes
Use the "Natural Landscapes 03" preset when you don't want to over-compress skies and details.

Lastly, I created a new black and white preset, B&W_Dramatic_02. This preset uses less structure and the “Gradual Medium” HDR method to keep things from getting too harsh in outdoor images.

The "Black & White Dramatic 02" preset gives an intense look without creating artifacts.

You can download the entire set of presets here: HDR_Presets_2011 (ZIP Archive, 4 KB)

To install the presets, follow the procedures on pages 98-99 of The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro. Remember, these presets are still considered to be “starting points.” You can tailor the global and local settings as you see fit, depending on your particular image.

I sent these presets to photographer Bob Krist, and here’s what he had to say about them:

Hi Jason: Those last couple of “natural” presets for HDR EFX Pro are really helping me with this assignment I had to shoot in Longwood Gardens. Many thanks!– Bob Krist

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12 thoughts on “New custom presets for HDR Efex Pro”

  1. Jason –
    The link to the presets no longer works.
    Can you email them to me ?

  2. Hi Jason,
    great job! I love your very natural looking presets.
    I started using HEP2, but can’t use your great presets in that version. Are there new presets in progress? Or is there any workaround to use your presets in HEP2?

  3. Chris-
    HEP1 and HEP2 are separate installations. HEP1 presets don’t work in HEP2, due to the new controls, etc. I’m currently designing numerous new looks for use with HEP2, which will be available later this summer.


  4. I cannot import these presets into Efex Pro 2, get the following error: “Preset cannot be imported, it is an invalid file format”
    Can somebody help me solve this ?

    Thx !


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