Feedback on my Capture NX Sharpening Video

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from people who have purchased Sharpening Techniques for Capture NX 2 and the response is overwhelmingly positive.

Rob says: “What a wealth of information, I’m sure it will take several viewings to absorb it all (and lots of practice).  This is a great addition to your Capture e-book, which I’ve used for more than a year.”

From Kibsgaard, in Denmark: “This sharpening technique-video  is very well done. Amazing results and a so clear and easy to understand video, also for not english people, like me.”

Phil says: “I just downloaded and watched your new video Sharpening Techniques for Capture NX 2.  It is excellent, excellent, excellent!”

Eamon writes: “Thank you for producing the Sharpening instruction video for CNX2. I purchased and downloaded today and found it really clear and easy to follow. Great addition to your CNX2 ebook and other support videos.”

Thanks to all my customers who have purchased my new training video.  I appreciate it!

One thought on “Feedback on my Capture NX Sharpening Video”

  1. Hi Jason,
    I liked it because it was specific, though I had already been exposed to some of the material through your excellent Photographer’s Guide to NX2. I woould like to ask you about the interaction of the sharpening setting in the develop section and what you add later in the adjustment steps. Some of us like to use at least some ‘develop’ sharpening for the camera specific routines, and it would be useful to know how to balance the two.

    Also, ACR 6.2 seems to give additional sharpening controls to photoshop users, and I was wondering what we are missing in CNX2 with respect to those.

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

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