Stepping outside the comfort zone

Small strobes DO produce big results!

There’s a reason I shoot wildlife and landscapes.  Birds and deer don’t ever complain that I didn’t get their “good side,” or ask me to retouch their photos.  Also, most outdoor photography is all about natural light.  I admit, I’m a big fan of The Hot Shoe Diaries and I’m amazed at what can be done with the Nikon CLS system.  I just don’t have many opportunities to try out the fancy techniques.  That changed on Saturday when I attended my friend David Tejada’s Small Strobes, Big Results workshop.  Even though I had a reasonable understanding of flash technique, David’s class brought everything together in a studio/location setting.

I found myself sitting on a comfy lounge chair in a photography studio, watching David present the basics of off-camera flash technique.  It’s hard to feel intimidated when you are in a comfy chair, and the information was presented clearly and logically.  Moreover, David is so easy to talk to and has so much experience, that there was no hesitation from anyone who wanted to ask a question.

David Tejada demonstrates camera settings at his Small Strobes, Big Results workshop in Denver, CO
David Tejada demonstrates bounce flash techniques
David Tejada sets up a Foursquare softbox for a model shoot

After lunch, we had the opportunity to shoot a live model (a real human model!) in a variety of lighting situations.  We did full-wall bounce mixed with ambient light, multi-strobe settings with gels, and even some outdoor shots where we turned open shade into interesting studio lighting.  I had a great time at the class, and I’m confident that I can replicate some of these “fancy” conditions at my home studio should the need arise.  I also met some wonderful photographers and had some great conversations.  Now, let me go fetch the dog so I can practice…

Look out, Otter, I'm coming with the strobes...

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  1. Hey Jason: Thanks for the nice comments regarding the workshop. I enjoyed having you in the class and I look forward to shooting with you soon. By the way, your ebooks are fantastic. DT

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