Announcing Capture NX2 Online Courses

I’m pleased to offer a slate of spring online training courses for Capture NX2.  In addition to my advanced Capture NX2 Editing course, I’m now also offering a new course called “The NEF-Centric Workflow.”

In my Capture NX2 Advanced Editing course, you’ll spend four hours learning about the power of Capture NX2’s selection tools, whether to use a brush or a control point, and get great insight on the kind of creative previsualization that you can do to save you time in post-processing.  I process most of my images in under three minutes; now you can learn how I do it.

My other course is called “The NEF-Centric Workflow,” and in it I demonstrate the marriage I’ve created between Capture NX2 and Photo Mechanic.  These two applications allow me to do 99% of my digital workflow, and if you use Capture NX2, learning this workflow can really help you save time on the computer.

Dates and prices are on my website here.  In these webinar-style courses, you will see EVERYTHING on my computer screen and be able to communicate with me and ask direct questions over the telephone.  The only thing you need to attend is a broadband Internet connection and a phone line.  Spend a few hours with me and you’ll stop spending hours editing images.

6 thoughts on “Announcing Capture NX2 Online Courses”

  1. Hi Jason,

    Both courses sound very interesting.

    Quick question, are you planning to record these and make them available for purchase after the fact? I find that going back to recordings, you always pick up something new.

    Bought the e-book(s). Bought your short videos. And… I still refer to them once in a while.

    Thanks and regards,

  2. I work on a Mac and use Aperture 3 and NX2. I suppose you work on a PC as your workflow is Photo Mechanic and NX2? Or do you have a good reason to use PM instead of AP? Tim.

  3. I have an all-Mac workflow. I use Photo Mechanic as by browser and NX2 as my editor. With Aperture, I’d have to use two different RAW converters simultaneously, and/or create duplicate JPEGs to show all my NX2 Edits.

  4. Yes Jason, I agree with you about the AP/NX workflow, still a mess! But…. there is also View NX, I have to check the benefits of PM and what about building a photo library? So, I’m curious for your solutions in your NEF centric workflow. I hope you will write an ebook, because online is no option to me. I’m from the Netherlands. Tim

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